Digital Album Ireland



In order to design your album the program offers lots of covers, layouts, backgrounds, text options and functions. It really is child's play. If you are using the program for the first time, you should simply try everything out . There are no wrong choices and you will soon control all functions. The "Quick guide" and the "Users manual" in the icons bar will be helpful, too.

Depending on the layout you choose, you can present from one single photo covering two pages completely to 28 photos on one page. This gives the digital album an enormous versatility , since 70 pages can contain from 35 photos to 1,960 photos .

Once you have chosen the page layout you will be able "to drag & drop" photos one by one onto the different placeholders. If want to save time, you can choose the automatic positioning function for all the photos , which will take only a few minutes. Afterwards you should review and approve or change as you wish. On the other hand, by double clicking on any placed photo, you will be able to change the colour, brightness, remove red eye, etc, at your convenience. Where you choose to leave a placeholder without a photo, the background will be printed.

As a background, which can be different for each double page, you can use our proposed backgrounds or even one of your own photos .

Moreover, you can write text anywhere on the pages (even within the photos) and format it using your PC´s fonts, sizes and colours.

To design the cover you can choose one of our proposals including your photos and titles, if you wish. Additionally, you can even place your own photo and write the title along the album spine , which is 3 cm wide . Another option is to use one of your photos as the full cover , which looks impressive.

Of course it can happen, that you add a photo with insufficient resolution for 100% printing quality. In this case a window will pop up warning you and indicating the exact resolution reached with that photo, and you decide if you accept it anyway. Kindly note that, for most users a 60% resolution would be acceptable.

On the other hand, you can save your album anytime and continue with its design at any other time. However the program includes an automatic saving function in order to avoid unpleasant surprises