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CLICK HERE CLICK HERE CLICK HERE Program free download: go to your nearest photographic outlet or developers of your choice, where they will give you a free registry code to enable you to download from this website the program with all its functions.
If, for instance. the shops are closed, you can install the program anyway in your computer anytime with all the functions, excepting the one for placing the order. You will be able to create your album and save it, but remember that when you go to the "order" option, the program will ask you for the registry code that you can obtain for free in the photographic outlet of your choice.

Click Here to find your nearest retailer and collect your registry code.

The download is very simple : you only have to click on the "Program free download" link on this website and then select "Save". Kindly indicate the location where you want to keep the file (we recommend to do it on the desktop) and the download will start. Using ADSL connection (broadband) this download will take about five minutes. Using modem connection this process can last about one hour.

At the end of the process, the downloaded file called "Setup Hofmann Digital Album" will be located on the desktop, if our recommendation was followed. Double clicking on the icon, the installation will begin, but before actually starting, it will be checked automatically, if your PC has already the ".Net Framework" software from Microsoft , which our program uses. Many modern computers have this software already installed and more and more programs use it. If this Microsoft framework should not be available on your PC, it will be downloaded automatically , of course, free of charge. Downloading time will depend on your connection type.

The program installation will take about a minute. Afterwards, you only have to double click on the "Hofmann Digital Album" icon on the desktop and the program will open automatically.

HOFMANN DIGITAL ALBUM: The new way to print your digital photos!