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Frequently Asked Questions



How do I install the program?
It is very easy. You only have to click on the "Download Digital Album" link in our home page or click here Download. Choose "Save" and a file will start downloading in the chosen place of your computer. Afterwards double click on the icon "Set up Hofmann Digital Album" and in few minutes you will have installed the program. When you open it for the first time it will ask for
the registry code.
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'Unknown Publisher' warming!
During installation, the following window may pop up

Simply click 'Run' and the installation will continue.

'.Net Framework' failure during installation.
This can occur due to older versions of Internet Explorer or Service Packs on your system. To solve his problem, do the following:

  1. Ensure you have Internet Explorer 5.1 or greater. If not, download and install the latest version by clicking this link:

  2. Download and install the latest version of .Net Framework by clicking this link:

  3. Download and install the latest service pack by clicking this link:

  4. Once both programs (as in points 2 and 3) have been downloaded and installed, re-download and install Digital Album.

  5. If this fails to resolve the problem, please click here.

Will Digital Album run on MAC?
No. Digital Album will only run on Windows based PC's.
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How can the registry code of the program be obtained?
You must obtain it from your photo products supplier or if you know the name of your supplier, simply click this link Registration Codes. If you are in any other European country, kindly contact us at and we will give you a solution. Even without the code you can go ahead, make your album and save it, but please note that before sending it to our servers you will need the registry code. Back to Top

What are the computer requirements?
Operating system Windows 98 (SE) or later. Processor 1,0 GHz, RAM 256 MB, Hard disk 1 GB free, colour configuration of the monitor 24 bits.
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What if my computer meets half of the requirements?
You will be able to work with the program, but it will go slower. It is important to have at least 800 MB of free space in the hard disk, since the images occupy a lot of space.
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How much time does the installation take?
The installation itself is very fast: about 1 minute. What takes most is the downloading of the program from the internet, which will vary based on if your connection is ADSL (broadband) or modem.
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How I can make an order?
Once you finish the album, click on the "Order" icon and the system will guide you until the end. Then the sending of your album file to our "servers" will start via the internet.
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Is the payment by credit card safe?
The payment is made by means of a safe connection with the bank Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria (BBVA). This is the reason nobody, not even ourselves, can see any data. Only when the payment has been made, the bank communicates to us that everything is correct.
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What ways of payment can I use?
The payment is always made by VISA or MASTERCARD , that can be of any banking organization in direct safe connection with BBVA.
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How good is the binding?
It is a very robust binding that gives the look of a luxury book with three very special characteristics:

  • The thickness of the sheets, which is more than double than photographic paper.
  • The covers have a quilted feel thanks to the foam that is in the inside.
  • A solid binding system that allows a page opening of 180 degrees with totally flat sheets. Back to Top

Is it possible to order more than one album per order?
Yes, as many units as you like, but always of the same album.
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How long does it take to send the album file by Internet?
It depends on the number and sizes of the photos and type of connection. It can last with ADSL connection between 20 and 40 minutes and with modem between one and two hours. It can seem a long time, but, having low flat rates, you can leave the computer connected.
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What happens, if the connection is cut while the album is being sent?
As the program is prepared for this eventuality, it will only be necessary to connect again and the sending will continue from the same point at which it was interrupted.
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What must I do when the program indicates that the quality of the photo is not sufficient for the selected printing size?
As it is indicated in the program message, for most of the users the quality over 60% is acceptable. This means that, excepting very small details that are generally unnoticed, the photo will come out well. If you want a 100% for all your photos, you will have to take them with the suitable resolution. For your reference a guide follows :
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Resolution Maximum printing size
1280 x 1000 pixels 18 x 14 cm. Valid for 2 photos by page with margins
1600 x 1200 pixels
23 x 17 cm. Valid for 2 photos by page without margins.
2000 x 1400 pixels 28 x 20 cm. Valid for 1 photo by page without margins.
2300 x 1700 pixels 32 x 24 cm. Valid for 1 photo for one and a half page.
2600 x 1900 pixels 37 x 27 cm. Valid for double page with margins.
2800 x 2100 pixels 40 x 30 cm. Valid for double page without margins.