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By using the program 'Hofmann Digital Album' , which you can download for free from this web page, you can quickly and easily compose and arrange your digital album using your photos or any image. The program provides plenty of backgrounds, layouts and text options.

Its use is completely instinctive and simple. This is the reason why any user of a PC can quickly manage it without any previous training. At the same time it is a very powerful program that will allow you to do in a few "clicks" practically anything you can imagine with your photos like improving the brightness and contrast, cropping or enlarging the images as you prefer, changing them to black and white or sepia tone, correcting the "red eye" effect and making use of the "automatic improvement" for each photo.

Via the Internet you send us the album made with the program and in a few days you will receive your Hofmann Digital Album printed and bound in high quality finish at the address you indicated.

(Digital Album is PC only. Software will not run on MAC systems)